Anonymous asked:
What advice would you give someone considering suicide?

Take a deep breath. Realize that for some odd reason, the losses we experience loom in our minds so much more heavily than the wins. It is a battle of the mind, the will, and emotions- the soul. But if you stay alive friend, if you push through it, and begin to be transformed through the renewing of your mind, you will love who you are. Someone is waiting to experience you, to hear your story, to kiss your lips, to make you smile. Don’t steal yourself away. There is so much more. Don’t hoard your life. Give it away. I have scars on my wrists, suicide notes under my bed, and I’m able to look back on them and praise God and tell myself, I endured.  I outlasted. I prevailed. Please don’t rob yourself of that golden, priceless opportunity. 

I love you even though I don’t know you. Push through. There’s joy on the other side. I promise. 


Its so silly to me when people who’ve never read the bible want to dispute it. Do you know what you’re really talking about, in context, in spirit and in truth? Or are you just regurgitating what you heard from a fellow cynic? I’m not one to debate the word of God. But I do study it, and if you don’t, if you don’t regard it as the living word, we don’t really have anything to talk about. And I question whether or not you’ve really internalized what you’ve read in the first place. Study and show yourself approved.

"The human’s propensity to rationalize is alarming."

My heart comes rushing out of my mouth
as soon as i speak your name
i am completely incapsulated
by the length of your love

you shower me in grace
you load me up with benefits
and i cannot get enough
and there will always be more where
that came from
there will always be more you

and i have spat in your face
i have given others your place
and you kiss me even harder
you hold me even closer
you are dear to me

the prospect of you leaving is an impossibility
what’s deeper than that?
what is more real than that?

i don’t need all the answers
just having you,
and knowing you know is enough

i never tire of you
and it’s so sweet to know
you never tire of me
i feel you watching me
in my sleep

your presence is a shield
a shelter
you are my sun
you are everything
you are consistent
you are a very present
help in time of need
you are the root
the petal
the seed
the fruit that remains
the tree that never withers
the well that never runs dry
the father loving the son eternally
you are air
you are breath
you are birth
you have killed death
Now I live in you.