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Street Etiquette in LA

lacoste Pool Party — A brief recap of our trip to California working on a project with the good folks over at Lacoste, which resulted in a much needed pool party. After such a crazy winter here in New York City to touch down in California was too good to pass up. 

Check out some more images from trip here from us and other contributors

Qualified by Blood.

I can’t wait to live my life based on matters of opinion. I have to live based on the truth. And Christ is the truth. He leads me, keeps me, and honors me. An opinion can’t do that. Other people won’t think I’m prepared for where I’m headed. And that’s okay. Sometimes I won’t feel like I am either, sometimes I really won’t be. But I’m so glad I can live beyond what I feel and that God doesn’t call the qualified, but qualifies the called. Wherever I’m going, I’m not going alone. The creator of the universe is ahead of me, alongside me, inside me. Whom shall I fear? Who’s opinion should I regard over the eternal word of The Lord?! I won’t tell you to keep your opinion to yourself, you have freedom of speech. I will have you know though, that if I can’t hear the Holy Spirit in your words, they’ll go in one ear and straight through the other. & that’s just real. Where I’m going, you can’t go. It’s MY journey. So if it doesn’t make sense to you, it’s all the more right for me. It’s not for you to understand or approve of. It’s me and HIM. Just me and Him.

I’m more stable now because I harness my emotions. They are my muse, not my Achilles heel. Took me a minute, but now my writing is better and my life is sweeter. Too much of me hung in the balance of my words. I can make art now without leveraging my wholeness. And that’s freeing.